What is VIP Consigning?

  • Standard Consignor makes a 65% commission on their sales. As a VIP Consignor, you would make 35% of your sales. You will be charged a $12.50 VIP Consignor fee (taken out of your Consignor check – you don’t pay it up front).

  • If you want to Consign your nice items, but don't have time for consigning process, our VIP Program is your solution!

  • A VIP Processor will gather, prep, tag, enter, and deliver your items to our upcoming event! You'll still earn a Private Pre-Sale Pass.

  • Your items will be priced at 25-35% of retail.

We are happy to offer a different way to Consign with us and still make money AND get to shop early!

Moms are busy, and we understand! So, VIP can come to your rescue. You can clear the clutter and get paid! It's a win-win. Plus, it means you are a special part of our amazing Moms Marketplace in Norman, Moore and surrounding areas.

How Does This Work?

We have VIP Processors that know how to prep and price your items! Know that your items will be handled with care! We prep the items, enter them and get them to the sale - you get 35% of your sales *Spots are limited and go quickly

How Do I Pick Up My Check?

The Consignor check will be emailed to you at the end of the event! Simply log on to your Consignor account and verify your email address. You'll be able to print your check to either do a mobile deposit, or take to your bank!

How Do I Get My Pre-Sale Shopping Pass?

You will receive the passes by e-mail.

What Do I Do About Items That Don't Sell?

You must pick up any unsold items (if they are not marked for donation) during Consignor Pick Up times immediately following the event. October 14th from 4PM-6PM.

The VIP Processor will NOT be responsible for returning unsold items. If you do not pick up unsold items during the designated pick-up times, items will be donated promptly at the end of pick-up, 6PM sharp.

Acceptable Items

We love baby gear, toys, books, maternity items, movies, etc! Car Seats MUST BE VERY CLEAN! If the seat has stains, food, dirt, etc., we will not accept it. All clothing must be seasonally appropriate, less than 5 years old, and freshly washed (please make sure clothing is free of pet hair as well). Clothing needs to be clean and odor free. If items have been in long term storage, please go through them and make sure they are current and clean. No stains, holes or excessive wear. If you have outfits, please fold them together so your VIP Processor will know what goes together. Any items that require batteries to work must have working batteries and items must have all parts. PLEASE UNDERSTAND: If you provide items that do not meet the Rhea Lanas standards (clothing with stains, holes excessive wear, dirty shoes, out-of-season items, items that do not work, or items we do not accept) YOU WILL BE CHARGED AN EXCESSIVE CLEANING OR EXCESSIVE SORT FEE (this is in addition to your consignor fee) and your VIP processor will immediately donate them--they will NOT be returned to you. Processors simply do not have the storage space or the capacity to return things to you. For our Fall/Winter Event: We will NOT accept swim suits, tank tops, Easter dresses, 4th of July outfits, or flip flops. We WILL still accept shorts and short sleeve shirts. We accept clothing sizes newborn - juniors. Junior girls up to size 15 and XL tops. Women's Clothing will NOT be accepted. Boys sizes up to 32 waist and men's large shirts. **ALL JUNIORS CLOTHING MUST LOOK YOUTHFUL. Our shoppers are boys who have young men bodies and girls who have young ladies bodies.

How Do I Deliver Items to Processor?

Whatever containers you choose to deliver your items to the VIP Processor in will NOT be returned. Please use boxes or bags to deliver your items. Pick up and drop off will be arranged on an individual basis.

Are there any item limits?

There is no limit to the number of items you can consign. Yay!

We Cannot Accept the Following Items

Recalled items
Any battery-operated toys, swings or bouncers, etc. that do not function.
VHS Tapes
Used Underwear
Stuffed animals (unless they are Build-a-Bear , Well Known Characters, Boutique Brands, or Talking /Animated Animals)
Any items that are stained, torn or overly worn
Items with missing buttons, broken zippers or lost parts
Bags of loose toys unless theme oriented (i.e. bags of all army toys, Barbie toys, all cars and trucks, etc.)
Breast pumps
Used bottle nipples/used pacifiers
Bedding (This includes sheets larger than twin size, all comforters and crib bumpers)

VIP Processors love BOUTIQUE and NAME BRANDS!It is okay to mix in some everyday clothing brands too.

Can I consign some items VIP and some traditional?

You have the option to split your items between VIP Consigning and Standard Consigning! If you want the big items out now like baby gear and furniture, but want to prep clothes and shoes yourself - you can! Or maybe you need the closet space now but aren't quite ready to part with the toys. No problem! VIP Consigning is a great solution!

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